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Just an FYI…. Osmia cornifrons is an exotic Japanese "mason" bee being sold by a handful of suppliers and some are listing them as "eastern hornfaced mason bees" or "eastern raised". Here’s another place selling the eastern native blue mason bee, I still think it’d be better building our own nest boxes then waiting it out to see what’s already buzzing around that might “move in”. I dunno if this attachment is gonna work but… if it doesn’t, here’s a link to the USDA’s Bee Basics which is an overview of our native bees,
turttle> I've removed a boatload of buckthorn and some of it was big and multi-stemmed. Every once in a while I spot a stump that's Mary Poppins perfect for drilling so instead of painting the stump with happy juice... I take my chainsaw and nick the tree's knees and paint those. That way there's no chemical for any bees to get into being translocated when I drill holes into the side of the stump. Housing doesn't need to be fancy but.... straws would probably be a good idea no matter which way you go... helps in pest management.
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