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Default Sumac tea

Dark velvet red sumac berries create one of the best tasting iced teas!
Sporting a cranberry lemonade like flavor loaded with vitamin C.

Harvest blossoms late August through October preferably before the rain has washed away its flavor.
Remove berries from stems and place in a container of cold water.
Crush the berries or put the mixture into a blender and blend.
Let sit for 30 minutes up to a few days depending on how strong you want it.
Strain through a cheesecloth or coffee filter as some varieties (Staghorn) have tiny hairs you'd rather not ingest.
sweeten to taste with sugar, maple syrup, or honey
Serve with ice

Alternate method...
Steep the cones in hot, not boiling water (think SUN TEA).....until the water turns a deep rose color.
Do not boil as it may bring out a bitter taste and destroy the vitamin C.

NOTE: DO NOT USE... The 'WHITE' fruit of the 'POISON SUMAC'
Use ONLY the upright red berries for making sumac tea.
No need to worry about mistaking the edible sumac for the poison sumac because the poison sumac will have.......
loose drooping clusters of white berries.

For more info on the POISON SUMAC:
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